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          WING KAM Breif


          Wing Kam headquarters is located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, adjacent to Hong Kong. Our main business is to manufacture and supply high quality & low-cost castings in accordance with provided drawings or samples. We are specialized in moldingcastingfabricatingstampingweldingheat treatingtool finish and machining. We have established our own plants and research center. In addition, we have established excellent supply chains with many domestic corporations, which grant us a wide range of components developing source. Wing Kam is ISO9000 quality system certified company by TUV.

          Wing Kam has been an outstanding supplier of copper alloystainless steelaluminum alloy and iron castings. The foundry has green sandresin bonded sandcentrifugalinvestmentlow pressure and permanent mold casting capabilities. After years of development, our company has gained rich experience in producing impellers of anti-corrosion copper alloylow-lead copper alloy and high-nickel copper alloy. With advanced technology and first class management, we offer high quality products machining which has satisfied domestic and overseas customers. Our products serves many external customers with application in the following industries: water treatment industrypump industryhardware in construction industryelectronic industry and medical machine industry. Our products have been exported to North AmericanGermanyAustraliaIsraelFinland and many other areas and countries. Our company focuses in providing best casting solutions and customer service.

          Welcome to contact us with your specific casting requirements.

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